Rainbows and Unicorns

June 23, 2017

For Hazel’s second birthday party, I really wanted to incorporate some cute sleepy eyes – a pop-icon all over Instagram at the moment. These seemed to go well with the equally popular unicorn, and together with an array of pastels as a rainbow, seemed perfect for my sweet’s special celebration.

Because it was just 2 weeks after Yua’s birth, I did not feel brave enough to attempt making the cake or intricate cupcakes myself like last year. I knew it would be a hectic time with a new baby and plenty of friends and family over, so I decided to focus on the decor only and order in the sweet treats.

The day before the party, I had a few moments to spare and made a few eats for fun. I dipped wafer cookies in melted chocolate, did the same with marshmellows, and baked bunny cookies. The macaroons, cake pops and unicorn cake is not my doing though. But they were so pretty, even if I had no excuses it would have been a good choice!

Cotton on Kids was kind enough to stock a rainbow unicorn t-shirt and matching tutu. I take it that the theme is definitely on trend…  lol.

I was so chuffed with these party boxes I made by hand. The cameo cutter did the intelligent work, and I assembled the boxes. It also helped to distract me when I was counting the hours during those last two weeks of pregnancy!

Below is another DIY project. I went to the hardware store during my 9 months of pregnancy more than any other time in my life. Nesting syndrome hit me hard. I was fixing everything in- and outside the house, and took on projects such as the backdrop board below. It is a plain brown chipboard, I painted with pink chalk paint. I decorated it by gluing paper dots, sleepy eyes and letters to it, also cut out with the cameo machine.

Hazel’s swing was gifted to us by a company in Knysna as a test run. It was a hit at the party! From the 19th of May all she wants to do is swing! HIGH!

I am lucky to have a sister that designs cool stuff. She did Hazel’s milestone poster which I had printed and framed. It also serves as a nice keepsake for Hazel.

I think dad looks at these parties of ours and thinks, my dear wife, WHAT are you busy with! He is very low key, minimalistic and a less-is-more type of guy. Thank you, my dear husband, for allowing me to live out my creativity, go a little OTT, and hopefully, in the process, create lifelong memories for our girls!

Hazel had a great time with her friends and cousins, and the photos will last a lifetime!



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