1 Short, 3 ways

Not only are different biker shorts easy to style to create multiple looks, but even just adding ONE to your closet can help you look like you walked off the pages of the latest fashion magazine! Here is an example of one short styled 3 ways, each creating a totally different ensemble:  Look 1: Style with a simple grey tee,…

Interview with Minnette Oliver, as featured on Hello Smart Blog

Concept and interview by Jeani Meyer , featured August 2019 on Hello Smart Blog. Repost. Meet Minnette Oliver. Entrepreneur. Stylist. Designer. Influencer. Mastermind and creator of the uber popular fashion and style Facebook page, Instagram profile, blog and online shop – We Wear What. Minnette not only built a massively influential following on Social Media, but has translated her social privy into a hugely…

Yua turns one

A birthday party is definitely a creative outlet for this right-sided brain of mine. I am not going to lie, I enjoy the creative part of my blog much more than the writing part! So I’ll be keeping it super short and just communicate what I wish I could voice note you all instead. When it comes to my girls’ birthday…

Introducing a new range by WEAR:

"Create personalized sequin bags, stainless steel water bottles, notebooks, and more!

Add a name to your favorite picture for a cute, unique gift for kids. Explore our selection now!"




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