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    • Oval Bowl with 4 Legs


        Oval Bowl with 4 Legs (Natural Wood) 540mm X 210mm Height 190mm Weight 4.33kg

    • Kanu Bowl (2 sizes)


        Kanu Bowl (Natural Wood) Small : 450mm X 140mm , 1kg Medium : 750mm X 140mm , 1.4kg

    • Fruit Bowl (2 sizes)


        Fruit Bowl (Natural Wood) Small : 300mm X 300mm , Height 180mm , Depth 140mm , 4kg Medium : 300mm X 230mm , Height 280mm , Depth 140mm , 6kg

    • XL Flat Bowl (2 sizes)


        XL Flat Bowl (Natural Wood) Small : 600mm X 400mm , 3kg Medium : 800mm X 400mm , 5.32kg

    • Flat Square Bowl (2 sizes)


        Flat Square Bowl (Natural Wood) Medium : 400mm X 220mm , Depth 60mm , 2.3kg Large : 450mm X 280mm , Depth 60mm , 3kg

    • Square Cheese Chopping Board (3 sizes)


        Square Cheese Chopping Board (Natural Wood) Small : 290mm X 310mm , Thickness 20mm , 1.1kg Medium : 400mm X 320mm , Thickness 20mm , 1.7kg Large : 550mm X 320mm , Thickness 20mm , 2.5kg

    • French Bowl


        French Bowl (Natural Wood) 370mm X 370mm Height 330mm Depth 220mm Weight 6.6kg

    • Tray (2 sizes)


        Tray (Natural Wood) Small : 330mm X 140mm Medium : 800mm X 170mm

    • Leaf Snack Bowl


        Leaf Snack Bowl (Natural Wood) 570mm X 220mm Depth 50mm Weight 1kg

    • Mirror Set of 3


        Medium Mirror Set of 3 400mm Weight 1.9kg

    • Bowl with leg (2 sizes)


      Bowl with Leg (Natural Wood) Medium : 450mm X 250mm , Height 220mm , Weight 3,1kg Large : 500mm X 300mm , Height 220mm , Weight 4kg

    • Cylinder Basket


      D : 20cm , H :17cm Liquorice  Olive Jute Jungle Ivory & Jute Stripes Jute & Charcoal Block Black Polka Dot Stitched        

    • Essential Oval Basket XS


      L : 18cm , W : 14cm , H : 6cm Olive Jute Jungle Charcoal Jute Jungle Black Jute Jungle  

    • Hanging Planter Small


      D : 16cm , H : 11cm , 12,5cm pot Jute Block        

    • Hanging Planter Wide Medium


      D : 20cm , H : 13cm , 16cm pot Stitched Striped Black        

    • Lided Cylinder Basket XL


      D : 30cm , H : 28cm   Ivory & Jute Stripes    

    • Petite Oval Basket XXS


      L : 16cm , W : 9cm , H :4cm Olive      

    • Planter Large


      D : 23cm , H : 20cm , 20cm Pot   Stitched Striped Black Olive Jute Jungle        

    • Planter Medium


      D : 18cm , H : 15cm , 15cm Pot   Strawberry Pink & Pistachio Green Block Olive Jute Jungle Stitched Striped Black Strawberry Pink Striped Jute & Charcoal Block Berry Purple Striped   Banana Yellow & Berry Purple Block Berry Purple Swirl      

    • Planter Small


      D : 16cm , H : 13cm , 12.5cm Pot Jute Block Banana Yellow Striped Bubblegum Blue Swirl Banana Yellow Swirl        

    • Trinket Bowl XXS


      D : 10cm , H : 4cm Charcoal Jute Jungle Blue – Grey Jute Jungle

    • Rozuri Super Oil


      ROZURI’s Anti-Aging Super Oil is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and soften fine lines for a smoother appearance.

      Leaving you feeling restored, rebalanced, and reinvigorated – naturally.

      An all-natural cold-pressed super oil exquisitely blended for women of all ages and skin types. Easily absorbs into the skin and immediately goes to work by softening the look of fine lines, tackling dullness and restoring balance while renewing lost skin moisture. Day by day, skin feels more hydrated and brighter with a boosted resilience, thanks to optimal nutrients and vitamins that deeply nourish.

      During a 28 day clinical trial women of varying ages and skin types reported. The skin felt smoother and more nourished. The Anti ageing super oil naturally reduced wrinkles and visibly softened fine lines. Leaving the skin smoother, more luminous and radiant


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