WEAR jewels

Choose between Sterling Silver plated in 9k gold or our Waterproof Stainless Steel collection.

What is the difference?

The WEAR range – our most popular range to date, this collection has a base metal of sterling silver, and is coated in 9k gold. The yellow gold colour is bright and fresh. Some are also available in silver colour options. If the jewellery is exposed to water/ perfume  daily, the colour can remain good for 8months or more. If looked after well, the colour can last up to 2 years. If you are allergic, have sensitive ears and skin, you would need to opt for the this STERLING SILVER range.

The WATERPROOF range – this collection has a base metal of stainless steel, and is coated in 9k gold using the PV D plating process. The yellow gold colour is deeper and stronger yellow on the all the items. It can withstand water, perfume and other chemicals and retains its colour.

Introducing a new range by WEAR:

"Create personalized sequin bags, stainless steel water bottles, notebooks, and more!

Add a name to your favorite picture for a cute, unique gift for kids. Explore our selection now!"




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