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August 6, 2018

My girls have their birthdays in the same month, 14 days apart to be exact. This year was Yua’s first birthday, so I wanted to give each of them their own party. In hindsight I should’ve just had one for both of them. Maybe? Anyhow, I pulled out all my super mom powers to pull it off!

Hazel wanted a princess cake, and I saw some lovely cactus cookies on pinterest I wanted to try.  Mix the two and this is what you get.

The best advice I have when planning a kiddies birthday party, is to allow yourself more than enough time! Jot down your ideas, and sort them on an A and B list. To-do’s on the A-list you can’t go without, and items on the B list of nice to have’s… but if your time (and energy) runs out, no-one will notice if the B’s didn’t make the day.

Personally, I love to do as much of the party myself. To me it’s a way to get all crafty and creative (which I love), and also to express my love for my girls. As I make, craft or bake, I think of her and how she would like it, or look back at the photo’s and smile at how over-the-top her mom may have gone.

For this specific party, I decorated the hoola-hoop myself by spraying it with rosegold, and twisting the eucalyptus around it. I got her name lazer cut, which completed the look.  Last minute I decided to get all her friend’s names cut out as well. It is inexpensive and made a nice take home gift.

The princess cake I made 2 weeks in advance – yes, after bed time is work time for mommy! It’s a “dummy” cake, foamalite and fondant. I quite like the dummy cake idea, just because it gives you more time to do it and because fondant cakes hardly get eaten anyway! I hate wasting, so we have a pretty cake for candles, and then delicious cupcakes to eat! (Which I outsourced to the talented Mariana Heyns…) The cactus cookies though, I baked about 3 weeks prior, and decorated a week before the party. My first attempt at royal icing sugar. This was SO much fun. It’s like playing with clay and paint.

I also made the sweetie boxes in a princess dress shape, using my Cameo machine. It cuts out the frame and then you have to stick it together.

My sister designed Hazel’s birthday poster again, thank you designer!

A week before the party, I had to go to Cape Town for 2 nights for business… so I unfortunately didn’t have time to make the food, with just one day home before the party. So I called in my good friend from Jack ‘n Jill to make the lovely salads and fresh breads.

It’s easy to oursource the food, baked goodies or decor, but the satisfaction of trying to do at least one thing yourself, is indescribable, as crazy as it may sound! It’s not about showing your friends how amazing party you can throw, it’s about crafting a special day for your daughter with love. It’s about enjoying it, creating a hype and making memories.

Bollemakiesie in Bainsvlei was such a great venue to host Hazel’s party. It eliminates the stress and mess to not have it at your home, and the entertainment for the kids is just great. The party venue is modern, with clean lines which allows you to make it up in any way you want. The service was great. Thank you to the team at Bollemakiesie!

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