Eye like make-up.

October 11, 2016


Having styled many clients, I’ve learnt what the clothing and make-up habits of women are. I remember how they would often say, firstly, they don’t know how to apply make-up correctly. They don’t have plenty of time to spend applying their make-up and they just want their make-up to look natural. Can you relate? I’ve made a few notes on how to achieve the goals above. I’ve called it my list of….  DON’T DO THIS!

one Don’t wear shimmer eyeshadow! It makes you look older and old-fashioned. Opt for matt shadows such as the ones in our MUD pallet.

two Don’t do lots of colour on the eye, reserve the blues and purples for your night-time socks. Keep your make-up neutral. The aim is to attract attention to the eyes, not the makeup.

three Don’t forget to use powder! Powder is important to let the make-up stay on the entire day. Dab some powder with a powderpuff on and under the eye-lids before applying eye-shadow.

Here is what you need to know to contour your eyes correctly:

Once you’ve applied the eye-shadow, you can finish off the eyes with eyeliner. I use a shadow for a more natural look, applied quite thick to the top lid and very subtle on the lower lid. I also like a liquid eyeliner on the top lid only.

Mascara should be applied to the upper lid only. Enough mascara will rub off onto the lower lashes. Applying mascara to the lower lid can make you look older.

I think I will do a separate blog post on brows later on!

If you are interested in the 8-hole pallet, I’ve combined my favourite MUD colours that will suit all skin tones in a unique pallet, available on the shop now.

Keep on trying and experimenting with new techniques, and remember that your products need to be correct to get the right look!





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  • Jessica Wessels October 16, 2016 at 01:24:06 PM

    So cool!
    What are the colour names that you used on your eyes,brows and blush,the ones in this pallet?

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