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Show-off in Shooshoos

January 25, 2017

Shooshoos™ are designed and 100% manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. They produce beautiful baby and toddler shoes while uplifting disadvantaged communities. I’ve always known that Shooshoos™ were around (family and friends,) but could never quite understand why they were so popular until I had my own baby. For the first 5 months of Hazel’s life, whenever I dressed her in cute “normal” shoes (I spent so much enthusiasm on acquiring while pregnant,) they would stay on exactly 5 minutes before slipping off.  From the age…

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Out and About

July 28, 2016

Coffee and Cake with Elizabeth and my baby girl. Friday fun. Out and about. Boots Country Road, Jean Cotton On, Jacket Truworths, Top Zara, Bag Country Road Hazel wearing Earth Child and Shooshoos  …

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Hello world

July 10, 2016

A blog! I would say it’s about time! As a stylist, I thought it would be quite fun to post some of my outfits. 25000 followers later, (how did that happen!?) I am frequently asked where I found certain items, what skin products I use, what to wear to certain occasions…. so Elizabeth J (creative at heart, photographer, stylish mommy) approached me and said WE NEED TO DO THIS! (this is her —–>) So, finally, thanks to her, I can…

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