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January 25, 2017

Shooshoos™ are designed and 100% manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. They produce beautiful baby and toddler shoes while uplifting disadvantaged communities.

I’ve always known that Shooshoos™ were around (family and friends,) but could never quite understand why they were so popular until I had my own baby. For the first 5 months of Hazel’s life, whenever I dressed her in cute “normal” shoes (I spent so much enthusiasm on acquiring while pregnant,) they would stay on exactly 5 minutes before slipping off.  From the age of 6 months I needed her shoes to stay on for practical reasons, and when Shooshoos™ crossed my path again it was a BINGO moment for me! I finally got it. They are popular because they are the only brand that is actually practical!

  • Her feet could develop their natural shape without the hinderance of a hard shoe sole. Shooshoos™ baby shoes are soft, and even the toddler size shoe is flexible, soft and bendy!
  • As she learns to walk, she doesn’t stumble over chunky shoes that cause hinderance!
  • They stay on. The first pair that actually stays on while she crawls, rolls, stands and learns to walk!
  • They also don’t make her feet sweat even in summer, and in winter it provides an extra protective layer against cold floors.


After testing Hazel’s first pair of Shooshoos™, I went back for another 3 pairs and that is what her wardrobe consists of until this day. On the odd occasion she wears “normal” shoes, but if she has a long day out and needs something pretty but practical, Shooshoos™ are our go to.

It also makes a great gift! Plus, the little bag they come in makes the best pretend-play handbag for Hazel – of course!

You probably have a stockist in your area, but I love ordering them online. You have a variety of options and find your favourite pair in the size you need!

For our new little human due in May, Shooshoos™ will be worn from month 1 this time around!


Shooshoos on Facebook and Instagram

I’m wearing: Skirt from Zara, Top from Cotton On, Hat from Trenery, Necklace from Lovisa.

Hazel wears: Dress from Earthchild, Jumper was gifted.

Pics credit to Lana Human Photography


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