Pretty clothes, pretty home and YUVA

October 1, 2016

If you like fashion and all things that go with that, you probably enjoy styling your home and living space too… these go hand in hand. I am certainly visually inclined – whether I buy scatter cushions, clothes for Hazel or serviettes 🙂 I enjoy looking at my surroundings and be attracted to what I see!

With kids comes lots of toys (unfortunately the cool toys are often plastic and in super bright colours!) and most often, the choices available to us for their rooms and playrooms are cartoon hero’s in bright pink, lime green and red.  Also, alongside my neutral toned home of beiges and greys, the accessories that accompany Hazel stand out and take over the interior space that once was a peaceful harmony of whites!


Pinterest is so inspiring to incorporate toys and a stylish way, but it’s not so easy to find what I pin! Thus, I’ve called in a team of locals and we’re launching YUVA! YUVA will be a collection of everything I love and what I would personally like to own. YUVA will have a section for HOME, KIDS, SUNGLASSES, SHOES, and whatever else I source that’s is unique and hard to find!


I’m launching YUVAkids today – the monochrome room. Black and white is trending right now, and my next nursery will certainly be a black and white one! I’ve put together a black and white room with items from our new range, YUVAkids.


YUVAkids is a range of authentic and unique products. Items available are the wall shelf, bookshelf, wall hooks, wall art and toy box! These items are handmade especially for YUVA by What I’m Up To… find them on the shop right now!








We have a pastel range too… Coming up soon!

Thank you to my kind friend Eloise and her cutie Tallulah-Belle for your assistance to get this all done and looking YUVA ready!

Photo credit Eye Poetry Photography.

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