Our secret hideout… with Tiny Tribe and Migi Designs

March 5, 2017

Nowadays we have access to such a wide variety of home decor items, clothing and baby ranges. I am getting lost in online shopping for our two girls. The variety online is incomparable, and with inexpensive courier services or even free at times, I’m finding it more manageable to recreate that Pinterest look!

As I discover unique ranges, I’m passionate to share them with you. I’m so impressed with our South African entrepreneurs. Many of these ranges have achieved international standard in terms of quality and trend, but prices stay local.

My find of the month is MiGi Designs

They specialise in three luxury products namely:

1 Luxury teepees

 2 Family swing chair

 3 Baby hammocks 

Although Tiny Tribe isn’t a new discovery for me, it is the first time we’re having them on the blog! Welcome Tiny Tribe Kids! Tiny Tribe have such a funky range for boys and girls. I would describe it as boho meets monochrome. I love seeing Hazel in her hideout look. It’s comfortable and edgy. Girl meets boyish. Their winter range is launching soon (I will remind you when it does!) and thus Hazel is wearing a preview of their new designs for the season coming.

P.S. it’s totally coincidental that the teepee tent and her outfit match. Not. 🙂 

The MiGi Teepees are weatherproof canvas tents, that are a great sensory hideout for little ones, a space for play and imagination and also good on the eye as a decor piece in the kids’s room. You can use them indoor and outdoor, it washes like a dream and folds up easily just to stow behind the door when needed. Available in black and white, navy and white, grey and white.

The MiGi Swing Chair is designed for the whole family. Wiggle yourself into a comfortable position and swing away! Available in black and white, navy and white, grey and white.

The MiGi Baby Hammock will be featured when new baby arrives, but for now I’ve loaded it on the shop! Maybe you’d like one to match the tent!

I’ve loaded the range from MiGi on my shop! Click to order.

Tiny Tribe has the largest selection of clothing on their shop so visit them directly and tell Linda I say HI! If you haven’t heard of them before, you’ll be very glad you were introduced to them today!

Follow Tiny Tribe on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow MiGi Designs on Facebook and Instagram

Credit to my Lana from Lana Human Photography. Have a look at her wedding photography… amazing. Kolor Hair and Beauty for my hair! Monique and Bronwyn from MUD for my make-up!



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