Our not-so-rosy fourth trimester

July 27, 2017

Between all the “pastel painted” pictures over the past  3 months, is a baby that permanently has a wind stuck somewhere, takes 36 hours to push a poo and sleeps for 20 minutes max… I am running on adrenaline. Baby number two is a sensitive little being, call it reflux, colic or whatever you want… she’s in my arms 23.5 of the 24 hours in a day, and poor baby number one  had to learn to be okay with much less of mom.

This too shall pass, they say, and while we’re in it, we might as well embrace it, as many moms before me have done! I haven’t taken nearly as many pictures of Yua as I did of Hazel, simply because little Yua isn’t content to lie on her back for longer than a minute! Don’t let the pictures of her below fool you!

Besides the new little human in my arms, Pikkie Kids Babywear has stolen my heart and I will HAVE to have a set on hand for her as she grows older!  The fabric is lovely – sturdy, soft and GREAT quality. Put it on your shopping list. #makesagreatgifttoo Nicole from Pikkie now also customizes outfits, so if your baby or toddler has a party coming up, you can choose a design to match your theme! Neat!

My experiences with my second born have given new meaning to the word ‘patience’. It has also made me appreciate MY mom more, and this has also showed me how strong a mom really can be. When you think you can’t anymore, you can. When you think you need a shoulder to rest on, you are the shoulder that’s being rested upon. Hazel was an easy baby, slept in-between her feeds, slept through at 10 weeks, drank well etc. Nevertheless, I had really bad post-natal anxiety with her. Hormones went bazarre. But, here I am! Still alive and going strong. Our life on earth is only temporary – when you grasp that, everything here is relative and manageable. It’s a temporary obstacle.

On a lighter note, have you seen the new Shooshoos range? Retail therapy is real – or in my case navigating through Instagram to find cool stuff! I am in awe of what South Africans are making. We have the most talented entrepreneurs right here! I am thrilled to discover the most unique, quality products, and even more so when I see its local! About the Shooshoos…. the new range…. I LOVE it. High tops, leather and shades of nude, gold and even hints of the lastest patch work trend.  Everything you need to be a trendy toddler. To show you how versatile a high top is, Hazel is wearing the same pair with a skirt as well as with Harem pants. The two things I really appreciate about Shooshoos are that the fit is wide enough to accomodate chubby little feet, and also soft enough to make them feel like they’re walking on air.

Thank you MOOO wool for creating beautiful textures for this collaboration! Hazel loves this BERSIE. Another product made in South Africa, and is world class!

Pure Linen Slings introduced me to baby wearing (they must’ve seen me carrying Yua on my pics!) Thank goodness for a wrap so comfortable! The reason I didn’t use a carrier with Hazel was due to an injured shoulder at the time, but if I had a linen sling (which doesn’t put pressure on your shoulder or strain your back) I could’ve baby worn long ago. It’s really easy to use and looks sophisticated, unlike those carriers that make you look like a professional forest hiker. Baby carrying helps when they have winds ALL. THE. TIME. And chiro. I am really thankful for chiro!

So as we approach the 12 week mark, the warm bean bags are being used more infrequently, as well as all the colic remedies (I tried them ALL). Btw, we visited my parents for a few extra hands to help me rest and regain sanity. Big sis picks up croup – plane germs – and the inevitable strikes. The entire family is sick. I’m writing this post in the midst of fighting the virus of my life with minimal medical assistance due to nursing! #whenitrainsitpours

The monochrome XOXO sweater is unisex from Tiny Tribe. I’m wearing a combination of older clothes, all similar to what you can find in stores now. Basics to mix and match can take you a long way!

For all the moms having a rough time with their newborn, you’re not alone. If your baby is not as settled as the baby next door, don’t dispair or despise… Each of us are given our own package to deal with. This is mine – for today. And then, the next obstacle will come along, and then I’ll deal with that too, by God’s grace. Thankful for my two beautiful girls. Being a mom is such a joy, challenges or not!



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